Global Strategies, Inc. specializes in providing quality Protective & Security Consulting services our clients can depend upon. Whether the client is a head-of-state, corporate executive, foreign dignitary or in the entertainment industry, we aim to provide discreet, professional protective services. On a daily basis, Global Strategies, Inc. personnel are protecting people and preventing losses around the globe. Our employees belong to an elite group of security professionals dedicated to providing a superior protective service.

Our highly-trained experienced Global Protection Specialists focus on maintaining the safety and security of our clients and their environment without compromising privacy. We understand the need to feel secure while pursuing everyday activities and that discretion is key to our clients’ comfort. Our protective service teams tailor  activities to improve our clients working environment while maintaining the highest safety and security levels available in the private security field.

Global Strategies, Inc. is devoted to providing clients with timely, dependable and critical protective services. We seek to establish long-term client contracts based upon performance and value. To achieve this, we approach each and every business relationship with passion and dedication. We never forget that our most valued asset is you, our clients.

If you’re ready to upgrade your protective services, we’re ready to provide them.