Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus during Business Travel

During this time of the Coronavirus, you may still need to travel to conduct business in Hong Kong, Japan or Singapore. How do you do it and lessen your chances of getting sick? Our President and CEO, Chris Simovich has recommendations to help keep you safe. He's a constant traveler as he and…

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Where Are We Headed With New Iranian Threats?

While the world spins with political news and flu pandemics, a threat still lies in the Middle East. It’s called Iran. Although at times it may seem as if the situation is de-escalating, that’s far from the case. After the U.S. killing of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani and other…

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Avoid Medical Mayhem During Business Travel Abroad

No one wants to get sick while traveling abroad, but sometimes it happens. Even if you’re lucky and it doesn’t, you should be prepared – just in case. Whether someone is traveling to a hot spot in the Middle East or even in a modern city like Paris, Istanbul or Hong Kong, medical care…

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Traveling to a Hot Spot? Use This Packing List

Hong Kong. Turkey. The Middle East. South America. Africa. Even India and Mexico. These are just some of the most dangerous places to travel in 2020 because of geopolitical shifts, terrorism, social unrest, and war. The upcoming 2020 U.S. presidential election also creates an added…

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Are Emerging Markets Like Erbil Worth The Risk?

Every day, corporate executives and sales personnel for the world’s largest brands hunt for business opportunities in emerging global markets. An emerging market is a country with some developed market characteristics, but doesn’t meet the criteria to be termed a developed market. One…

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