Are counterfeit Covid Vaccine cards on the horizon?

The COVID-19 vaccine has arrived. It is slowly but surely becoming accessible to people around the world. However, the process has not been particularly quick, nor does everyone feel comfortable receiving a brand new vaccine. Much like people had been selling fake negative Covid tests, counterfeit Covid vaccine cards have begun to pop up.

It seems as though the way of the future will be traveling with proof of a Covid vaccine; but with no barcode, QR code, and the patient’s name handwritten it is seemingly easy to create a counterfeit vaccine card. Will these handwritten cards be sufficient to achieve entry into countries? If so, it seems there will be many counterfeit cards making their way around the world. Or will there be digital proof attached to a person’s passport?

This issue is not contained only to the Covid vaccine but can also affect other proof of vaccines. If you look at the Yellow Fever book, again, quite a simple document with handwritten details. Having had the experience of standing in a queue at customs in Cote D’Ivoire, and my International Certificate of Vaccination Booklet being “examined” with not the greatest of thoroughness, it does not fill me with confidence that a counterfeit Covid vaccine card would be noticed.

It seems as long as we require some form of document to prove we are fit to travel or gain entry into a particular country, there will be a market for counterfeit documents.

The question is, if you have not yet been or are unwilling to be vaccinated, would you use a counterfeit document?