Bomb Threat at Istanbul Airport

Turkish police searched five Turkish Airlines (TK) flights at Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) due to a bomb threat after 1830 Aug. 14. Passengers were evacuated, and baggage was unloaded to be inspected.\n\nImage\n\nNo explosive devices were discovered during the four-hour search and authorities determined the threat to be a hoax. As of early Aug. 15, the security scare appeared to not be disrupting other flight operations.\n\nAffected Flights\n• TK 1727 to Berlin\n• TK 1597 to Frankfurt (codeshare: LH 7065, US 5010)\n• TK 1667 to Hamburg\n• TK 1637 to Munich (codeshare: LH 7075, US 5016)\n• TK 1709 to Stuttgart\n\nIn addition, flight TK 8062/MS 736 to Cairo was delayed by five hours, possibly as a result of the security incident.\nAs of early Aug. 15, the estimated departure time for the grounded flights was 0400. Several of the delayed flights were terminating in Germany, meaning that the aircraft were to be used for return flights to IST on the morning of Aug. 15.