Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus during Business Travel

During this time of the Coronavirus, you may still need to travel to conduct business in Hong Kong, Japan or Singapore. How do you do it and lessen your chances of getting sick? Our President and CEO, Chris Simovich has recommendations to help keep you safe. He’s a constant traveler as he and Global Strategies’ teams have provided clients’ protection in more than 143 countries.

Coronavirus Tips

Chris Simovich. Global Strategies Inc.

Mask up while in transit. Now is not the time to worry about looking cool in public places. With the Coronavirus, everyone gets a pass on looking odd at airports and on the go. It may look silly, but a simple medical mask is one of the most effective items to keep you from getting sick.

Glove up. While lots of people mask up, many forget the more important thing–what you touch. Think of all the public data screens, airplane TVs, ATMs and airport lounges. Make sure that you have disposable gloves, or sanitize your gloves after use.

And then most importantly– DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE! Only touch your face if you want to increase your chances of transmitting the virus.

Carry sanitation wipes and wipe the surfaces in the area where you’re going to be seated. That includes armrests on chairs in airports, seat headrests on planes, the tray table at your seat.

Don’t shake hands. I even discourage the elbow bump greeting. You’re in Asia, so go local and bow as your meeting honorific. If you want to stay European, do a bow of the head with a heel snap for an Austrian greeting.

Foodies are going to be sad to hear this, but trips right now to Asia should only include packaged food and bottled water, not meals from street food stalls. Packaged food is safe food.

While you’re in a foreign country, think about how you’d stay well if you were in the States. Drink lots of water, take vitamins, get lots of rest. Pay special attention to sleep enough to recover from any jet lag. This isn’t the time to push it.

If you are stuck in a virus hot zone, hunker down. Limit your exposure to other people, drink bottled water and eat packaged food. Keep up with virus updates via the internet.

We will get through this, but it will take some changes in habits and a bunch of disposable gloves, masks and sanitizer.