Milan U.S. Consulate Evacuated

US Consulate MilanUS Consulate MilanAnti-terrorism police in Milan say the city’s U.S. Consulate was evacuated late on 6th August after receiving a letter containing a bomb threat. An officer said the letter carried a symbol frequently used by Italian anarchists in the past.\nThe officer said police were inspecting the building after staff members were evacuated early Tuesday evening, and that no members of the public appeared to be there at the time. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with police regulations. Italian news reports said several Italian radio stations have offices in the same building and also were evacuated. The reports said a subway stop nearby was briefly closed as a precaution, then reopened.\n\nPolice denied Italian news reports that suspicious luggage also had been found at the consulate.\n\nPolice cordoned off streets surrounding the US Consulate on Via Principe Amedeo. Bomb disposal experts arrived at around 1730 to investigate a suspicious package; the building and surrounding offices were evacuated. Nearby subway stations were also closed and routes that run under the building were suspended.\n\nDiplomatic missions frequently close with little notice for security reasons. Brief evacuations of embassies in Europe often occur as a precaution due to the heightened security at the sites.\n\nHeightened security is likely following an August 2nd US State Department worldwide travel alert, warning of a potential terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda.