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Executive Protection Services

Global Strategies, Incorporated is a high-end protective service and consulting firm dedicated to providing the best services to those clients who can afford our unique capabilities.

Enterprise Risk Management

The rise of international terrorism and the current state of globalization has challenged us to prepare and manage previously unthinkable situations that threaten your organization’s future. Today’s corporations must plan beyond the emergency response plan, EAP, or current crisis management programs. Organizations must now engage in the use of a more comprehensive security management tool: the Enterprise Risk Management Program.

Kidnap & Ransom Protection Services

Kidnap and Ransom, or K&R Protection Services are designed to protect individuals and corporations operating in high-­‐risk areas around the world. K&R policies typically cover the perils of kidnap, extortion, wrongful detention, and hijacking.

Customized Training

Global Strategies, Inc.’s training capability is tailored to bring you training when and where you need it. We design each of our courses specifically to meet the needs associated with your operational environment, corporate or individual culture. Each program is divided between classroom presentations, table-top exercises and practical exercises based on real-world scenarios on the subject matter being taught.

TSCM & Bug Sweeps

Commonly known as "sweeping", TSCM involves the detailed inspection of meeting rooms, offices, boardrooms and private residences to ensure that no camera, listening, computer-hacking or telephone bugging devices have been deployed.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures

The U.S. State Department estimates that at least 800 million dollars of illegal bugging and eavesdropping equipment is imported and installed into corporations in the United States each year.

Termination With Dignity

How many of our Human Resource representatives or Managers ever give a minute’s thought to how to conduct a termination? Do we ever think about what is going on in that employee’s mind and how what we say and the events that follow may affect them? Is there such a thing as termination with dignity?

Security Consulting

Security Management Programs, Asset Protection Programs, Competitive Intelligence / Counter-Industrial Espionage, Special Event Coordination, Risk Analysis & Vulnerability Studies, and Foreign Area Studies